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Technology really rocks.

Through the greatness of technology, life's been so easy, may it be buying things through online shops, research through the availability of informations given by the world wide web, even banking and now people can earn moolah through blogging too. It's been sometime now that money making through blogging had brought buzz in the blogosphere.

There are so many adsite company all over the net. Snapbomb for example, has it's own marketing strategy to compete with other adsite company. I've learn that it's new in the business but offers great deals to those who are joining them. Makes me wonder about this site. I'll let you know okay :)

Sharing the day together

I skipped work today (and hubz too). Because, hmmmm...just want to spend quality time with Dj. I've been so busy the few weeks kasi. For the past weeks I've been home late from overtime or from the gym. I know, hubz understand my routine but of course, I sometime feel than Im being lesser as a companion to him. It makes me feel sad. So today till Sunday, we will spend it cuddling and sharing loving moments. :) Have a great day to all!