So can you see the Tilapia? If not look closer lolz.

Craving for sweet and sour tilapia since yesterday. This weekend, I 'll try to cook this. Hubz likes eating fish dishes but sad to say, I only knew less than ten recipes. Because I do not eat fish that much. Hence, I only like tilapia, Milk fish, Mackarel scad (also know as galunggong), tuna, gindara to name a few. So you could just imagine how hubz misses eating paksiw or pinangat. But sometimes, I cook such dishes for him and open a can of sardines for me. So that settles. hahaha.

Oh well. I am just lucky that hubz doesn't complain about it. ;)

Hmmm...are you like me or are you like hubz?

Have a great day by the way!