Under my Umbrella

Manila did not experience a good sunny day because of the typhoon Karen, So I wanted to take the day off which I usually do when there's heavy downfall but knowing that my ten year old niece went to school this morning made me drown in shame...hahaha

So even though the rain was hard, I armed myself with a trusty umbrella & jacket and off I go to work. As I was convincing myself that It would be a smoother way to the office, I was was also hard to hail a cab or any form of public transpo (note: I do not know how to drive) I brave myself in that horrid rain. It took me 30-45 minutes to get finally a public transpo. After the traffic due to flooded streets and people stranded all over the place, I arrived work after an hour and a half (note:the usual time of travel-30 minutes) Hurray!!!

With all the rain, flood, and many people blocking my way to get a cab, I thought that my tummy was complaining due to starvation, hahaha. Good thing I brought the apple crumble, delivered yesterday from Dominos Pizza.

It's my sweet reward for myself.
So...have you experience this too?