Filipino Breakfast Steak (beef tapa)

Here is another version of the beef tapa that I love doing. Less grease and yes it taste good. :)

You'll need;

    1/2 tbs ground pepper
    2 tbs Brown sugar
    1 t Garlic -- finely chopped (I used McCormic garlic powder)
    1 1/2 tb Salt
    2 lbs Breakfast steak (a thinly, this steak is sometimes called wafer steak, sandwich steak or minute steak )


Mix salt, sugar, garlic, and ground pepper. Pour the mixture over the meat and mix well. Store covered in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day.....

Bake at 350F for 45 minutes or until meat became brown. Serve with fried rice and egg. My ultimate breakfast!

Best with spicy vinegar....wooohhh!!!

What I like about this kind of tapa is, it's less greasy and not cloying plus if you'll bake it a bit longer, it became crunchy just what I wanted. :)

Another Exciting Giveaway from Maver

Maver the gossip gehl is celebrating her 1st year blog anniversary. Congratulation Maver! More fruitful years of blogging! :)

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Photo swiped from Maver's blog

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Little Something

Oh It's work again tomorrow. I have to start researching about the proxy that we needed for our new system at the office. it means, I'll be a little bit busy over the week but I'll make time to stretch up a bit to relax, everyone needed that right? :)

Oh I got to thank Spatulahandle for sharing this sunshine to her reader. If your needing that sunshiny feeling to make your new week great I am sharing this to you too :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone