Korean Army Soup

There are many version in making this soup. I am sharing you how my husband cooked this last weekend. I tell you, I super love this hot and spicy soup. :)

You will need;

1 tin Spam, sliced
4 hotdogs sliced on the diagonal
1 package Kimchi Ramyun
1 heaped tbsp chili paste
Sliced firm tofu

Then what you will do...
1.In a pot, place 2 cups of water. Let it boil

2.Then add the sausage, spam and sliced tofu. Simmer for a minute

4. Throw in the ramyun

4.Then add the kimchi according to your liking.

5. You can add korean chili paste if you want it more spicy.

6. Voila… Budae Jigae (부대찌개)!!