The Egg Story

How would you like your eggs?

I love mine scrambled with milk. Adding liquid to the eggs makes it less likely to turn out tough or rubbery. So every weekend, scrambled eggs is a must for breakfast.
What if your eggs are like this:

organic eggs

We went home with half dozen of Vitamin E Enriched and half dozen Selenium Enriched eggs. Bought them a bit pricey than the conventional produced eggs. The seller, gave leaflets about the health benefits of eating this kind. So maybe thats the reason why this eggs are a bit pricey :)

Anyway, one Saturday morning, I used 3 organic eggs for breakfast and noticed that the yolks are golden and pretty. The seller was right. But when it was cook, it has an odd taste that I didn't like at all. Guess, I'm not used with it's taste. So hubz just finish the whole serving. From there, I concluded (base on own opinion), the eggs won't be good for scramble purposes. Husband then suggested boiled eggs instead.

Few days from that I tried the boiling and yeah he was right,the odd taste was not that obvious, so that fine Sunday morning, he alone had organic boiled eggs for breakfast. :)

Hence, it's really hard to be a health buff...sigh!

Sidenotes: I tried organic pasta and sunflower mayo, it taste different and it's pricey too. It took me days to finish the cooked pasta and months before I emptied the mayo bottle.

Have you tried organic food. What's the experience, did you like it?

Have a healthy Friday!