Bucket LIst Meme

My bucket list:

Write a list of 8 things you would like to do or accomplish before you die.
1. Travel outside the country with hubz
2. Be a mother soon
3. Own a business, say a bakeshop or something to do with designing
4. Own a house with lots of greenery. I wanted to own a farm too
5. Get back to school to study fine arts or music or both.
7. Ride a rollercoaster with my eyes wide open.
8. Learn how to drive a car, a bike.

Thanks to Sinta for this tag.

Now, I am tagging Rico, Bem and Blue Rose.


I have a terrible headache right now. So I have to go to bed a little bit early (early??? it's 11:30pm). I think this is due to the late sleeping habit I have lately. Okay...I'll see you all tomorrow.

Bye for now!

Have a splendid weekend to all

My Victory Hair

Do you have a band-aid? ‘Cause I scraped my knee when I fell for you….

Hahaha…a pick-up line used by some to start flirting. I will absolutely laugh out loud when I'll hear someone saying such worst pick up lines. You won’t get Victory Hair with that. What’s Victory Hair by the way? Well, It’s when a good looking couple who both have sexy hair end-up having it all messed up after doing some great fun and you know, the magic. :)

So now, want to know you're flirting skills? How about playing a fun online game by Extreme Style by VO5, the Ultimate Flirting Championship. This will surely be fun.

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Am I confusing you?

I am referring with my blogger template. Yes I changed again for the 2nd time for this month. The last template I used was confusing, the HTML thing. So I decided to look for a much simpler one. Hope this one fits my blogger template requirement. Keeping my finger cross. :)

It's 3:00am here. I will finish the updating later on. For the meantime, I have to hit the sack. See yah later :)