Fish Fillet with Mushroom Gravy

I've been experimenting in the kitchen lately. Since our fridge has the remaining half of the cream dory from my last time cooking, I decided to just make fish fillet with mushroom gravy sauce.

To make this the fish fillet
300 grams of fish fillet cut in serving pieces
5 tbsps. of cooking oil
3 tbsp. of flour
1 beaten egg
2 calamansi

First Season the fish fillet with salt and pepper then add calamsi juice. Marinate for 10mins. Then heat the pan with cooking oil.

 Dust the fish with flour then dip it in egg then dust again with flour.  Cook the fish fillet on both sides until browned. Keep the heat at medium-high so that a crisp crust forms on the outside of the fish while the inside remains moist. Never overcook fish. Drain the cooked fish fillet on absorbent paper towels. Set aside the fish fillet.

For the mushroom gravy, I tried an easy recipe before which I got here. But this time I was tinatamad so I did a more easier way, since I got a pack of mushroom soup. I just followed as per pack direction. Add more sliced mushroom. I then let it simmer. When the soup became a bit thick,  get a cup of the mushroom soup and add a tbsp of oyster sauce. Magkalasa..pwede, hehehe!

Arrange the fish fillet then pour the musroom gravy over it.

So our dinner was so filling, we had steam rice, fish fillet with mushroom gravy and syempre the mushroom soup. Perferct kasi it was raining that night.

Have a splendid week everyone!