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Have you ever tried sipping the sweet nectar of the santan flower? As a kid, my sibling and I enjoyed it. I had one funny experience with the nectar sipping way time I was about eight or nine years old, i sipped one flower then I suddelny feel that something bit my tongue...ouchhhh. Crap! there was a red ant. So you could just imagine how it feel. From then on, I never dare to sip that flower again. Hmp!

So I am off to some errands. Have a great weekend everyone!

Inspiring really!

This video has been in the world wide web for a long time so maybe you have seen this already but in my case this was my first. I'm really amaze how the power of pure love makes even the wildest being be meek.

Christian the Lion is a touching true true story I found at Godtube. Actually, it can also be found at other video sharing site but I prefered using Godtube because it has many nicer (meaningful) videos. I may say, it has many encouraging video such as this:

It made me cry as I watched this at work this afternoon.

So if your looking for other inspirational videos to watch visit this site . I am very sure you'll feel the happiness I have right now :)

Have a very wondeful Friday :)