GT: Whats inside my Bag

Few year ago, I posted a tag about whats inside my bag in my other blog. I so enjoyed doing that tag. Now I am sharing you again what's inside my bag. :)

I am using different bag depending on what I wear and depending on my mood. Yesterday, I used this green nine west bag. A gift from my friend who came from Dubai. :)

Now let me show you what is inside.

Fossil Wallet (remembrance ko when I was in Sydney), coin purse, pocket size notebook, WD external hard drive, digicam, cellphone, ipod, moisturizer, lotion, perfume, my office badge, bag hook, hairbrush, intradental floss. Mints.
My kikay pouch (inside are lipstick, lip gloss, blush on, face powder, eye liner, etc.)

A small bag wont really work for me. Whenever I buy bag, I consider its size and shape. Hay sabi nga ni hubz, I always bring the whole house with me hehehe.

So there....that is what inside my bag. Whats yours by the way?

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