Cripsy Pata

food friday


Cripsy pata, hmmm sinful sinful pero cge na nga minsan lang naman ito.

To prepare this you'll need:
1 pork pata (preferably the front)
1 whole garlic (crushed)
1 whole onion (quartered)
some Salt

Here's how:
Clean and scrape the skin of the pata with a knife. Use a kitchen torch burn any remaining hair.

Place the pata in a casserole with water. Add the crushed garlic. onions, peppercorn, and salt. Set over high heat and let it boil. skimming off scum as it arises. Lower the heat and simmer again until meat is tender.

Remove the pata from the broth and drain well. I used my turbo and roast the pata. Set the turbo at 250 degree for 1-1/2 hrs or until the rind is golden brown.

Serve with steaming rice and ensaladang talong. Yummm.

Happy Food Friday Everyone!!!!!