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10 recent things that made me happy

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10 Recent things that made me happy meme

1. Hubs commenting that I’m good in baking cupcakes already.

2. Dj teaches me to swim for the longest time, 3 weeks ago, I hit the pool and conquered my fear.

3. Bought 2 tops (yesterday) of the same style but differ in colors. The style is so cute that I can’t resist buying the other color.

4. My short hair. No need to blow dry. So the result, the hair is much healthier

5. My officemate asked me to accompany her at the salon because she wanted to have the same do

6. was able to make a delicious dinner (spicy squid and tofu) last monday night. Hubs so love it. He says it rocks!!!

7. I owned a new domain now…yes!!!!

8. Earn a few bucks in contributing an article in our office newspaper.

9. was able to baked yummy mocha cupcake and we’ll bring it later at my in-laws place

10. A good Saturday with hubby

Have a nice Saturday everyone

I’m tagging everyone who wanted to try this. Let's all be happy :)


Web Hosting

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6 unimportant

Tagged ( 6 unimportant ) Thanks may for this. ;)!

The rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six unimportant things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog.Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I'm an aquarian (eh ano ngayon!!!!read the tag unimportant nga eh)

2. I dip fried hotdog in calamansi and toyo...yummy :)

3. Don't eat ice cream

4. Im a menudo fan (the boy band way back in the 80's). I collect all their pic and made and scrap book....hehehe

5. I love watching that's entertainment in the 90's

6. Im not a beer drinker but lately learn how to do so, mga 2 months na yata. ;)

tagging hmmm...who else pa ba..lahat na yata na tag na nito. So Im tagging those who haven't done thise yet. Happy tagging :)


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Plain Jane

Im on leave today. Since it's a holiday tomorrow, can't wait for another workday so I decided to go on a leave. This is life. No boss to bug you. No deadlines to meet. I can be plain lazy whenever I wanted. :)

I'll be coming back to work on Tuesday (still on a leave mode on Monday, tee-hee)so I'm making my vacation worth relaxing. Yebah. Have a great and blessed holy week everyone.


Business Talk

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Summer Feeling

Ouchie... My skin hurts. Got burned from our swimming yesterday. I was at the pool the whole day enjoying the dip that I forgot that the sun is up there, hitting his sunrays toward me, hehehe. So now, I got a skin that in burn and a reddish face..wuahhhh. But but...this wont stop me. I'm looking forwrd for our next swimming gateway maybe this April. yehey...cant wait.


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Tomorrow there will be a nationawide transportation strike. Methinks of not coming to work. I'm such a lazy tad lately. I know I can go to work tomorrow, I could easily find a cab, I'm just making the transport strike as an excuse to make me skip work. My bad... :(

Oh today, I went to the salon to chopped my hair short. Yes...I'm sporting a much shorter hair. Officemates said Im gwapo, harhar. I love my hair style now. It's cool and so summer looking. No need to blow dry in the morning which makes my hair dull looking. Now, It's more manageable. Loving it a lot, yebah!!!


Summer coming

Summer almost here (except for some rains) likewise I'm so spirited to go swimming. I love going to the beach however I dont know how to swim. hehehe. Hubs for the longest time always tries to teach me how. I've learn a few techniques when we went to pangasinan but I wasn't able to try swimming again so I really dont know if I still remember the things he taught he. This coming Saturday, It Aj birthday, Dj's nephew. It would be a pool party. Let's see if I still have the swimming stint hubs shared me last year. :)

I'll be baking a cupcake for his birthday. Wish me luck it would my first ever to bake for a party. wish me luck :)


What's new

Technology really rocks.

Through the greatness of technology, life's been so easy, may it be buying things through online shops, research through the availability of informations given by the world wide web, even banking and now people can earn moolah through blogging too. It's been sometime now that money making through blogging had brought buzz in the blogosphere.

There are so many adsite company all over the net. Snapbomb for example, has it's own marketing strategy to compete with other adsite company. I've learn that it's new in the business but offers great deals to those who are joining them. Makes me wonder about this site. I'll let you know okay :)

Sharing the day together

I skipped work today (and hubz too). Because, hmmmm...just want to spend quality time with Dj. I've been so busy the few weeks kasi. For the past weeks I've been home late from overtime or from the gym. I know, hubz understand my routine but of course, I sometime feel than Im being lesser as a companion to him. It makes me feel sad. So today till Sunday, we will spend it cuddling and sharing loving moments. :) Have a great day to all!


Coffee Please

Who wants coffee raise your hand... if anyone would question that, I will absolutely raise my hand. Yup I am a coffeeholic. I so love coffee that I could not stand the day without sipping a hot cup of brewed coffee. Yes I do love starbucks too, I usually have caffe mocha but I got fed up with it's sweetness. Early last year, I tried the brewed coffee of country style. I so love their blend. Mild but bold. A sip of their steaming hot coffee makes me merry. Usually what I do, after work, I visit their coffee shop at cubao (buti near our office) and order for a tuna sandwich which I find it so yummy yet healthy (if you love sandwich you'll love this)or the tiger paw donut(sorry no pics, naubos ko eh)'s called that way because it shape like tiger paw (gets nyo, hehehe). Also I love hanging out there because the service crews are really nice and friendly. In fact, on my birthday last month, one crew gave me a box of 12 of tiger paw and apple fritter (another favorite). Touch ako as in. Super sweet naman nila. :) Kaso...since I am so busy with work and I go to the gym 3x a week, hindi ko masingit sa sched ko ang pag visit sa CS. Miss ko na ang kape nila :( Coffee please!!! Coffee club card I took a picture one evening while waiting for hubby. We usually meet there after office. The top pic is my cup while I finish eating my tiger paw, then my coffee club card (bottom pic). I always have a free cup or a regular donut when ever I complete one row. I have 4 cards already since I always forgot to bring it with me.


Wish ko lang

Went out with my 2 girlfriends slash officemate slash gym buddies for a movie date. You know what we watched....sam milby's movie, My Big Love. It's a cute movie. Very light ang story. Nakaka relax since we're so tired from work. All I did while watching the movie was laugh and laugh though at the end part medyo teary ang scene but happy ending pa rin naman. I thought we'll be doing overtime again. It's good that we didn't and instead of going to the gym, we opted to go to gateway and watched the movie na lang. But before that, we have a serving of the delicious razon halo halo and siomai from dimsun and dumpling. Perfect combination talaga for us halo halo and siomai, hehehe. No calorie computing muna for us. We just wanted to relax and be happy muna. No work related conversation muna. Full fun and chatting is what we did. So heto went home late again and when I get home, hubs said ang tagal ko umuwi and he misses me na, wow sweetness talaga ni hubz. :)