Pancit Canton

There are several ways to cook pancit canton. Here's my recipe and I wanted it to share with you.....

Here's how I do it....

You'll need
1/2k Dried Pancit Canton
1 pcs chicken breast boiled and flaked
1/4 chicken liver (fried in small amount of oil)
1 small cabbage
1 small carrots julienned
10 pcs green beans sliced diagonally
2 cups broth (or water)
1 garlic head chopped
1 onion chopped
oyster sauce
worstershire sauce
salt & pepper


1. saute half the onion and half of the garlic, add the carrots. After a minute add the cabbage and green beans. (dont overcook)
2. Add the chicken and chicken liver. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
3. In a separate wok, drizzle some oil. Saute the remaining onion and garlic
4. Add the chicken broth, if it's not enough just add water. Make sure that the liquid is just enough for the noodles.
5. Season with soy sauce and pepper then bring to boil.
6. Cook in the dried noodles. Let the sauce be absorb by the noodles but make sure not to overcook it.
7. Add in the oyster sauce and worstershire sauce. Toss the noodles for a minute.
8. Add in the vegtable making sure that everything is mix. Turn of heat.
9. Place on a serving platter with sliced calamansi and chilis.


(you can add shrimp if you wanted, I just dont put it in my pancit kasi I'm allegic to it :) )