After a year, what Am I now?

Just thinking...I've been married for a year and two months now. Let me give u my personal assessment on things that happen to me. Hmmm. I do know how to iron clothes (which I don't do when I was single). I now know how to cook steaming rice. I remember, when I and hubby were newlyweds, he was the one who cooks our rice. I usually, end up making our rice raw or mushy. Though we used a rice cooker, I still cant assess the amount of water to use but now, Im the expert on this part. Speaking of cooking, I now know how to prepare kaldereta, menudo, karekare (with mama sita's help ofcourse) and up to now Im still learning. Emotionally, cant say that Im matured, Im lucky that hubby knows how to handle cranky person like me (love u labs). Physically, sheesh, I gained weight with all the night eating we do, what do you expect, blame it on our fridge. My journey is just beginning, and don't know what's ahead, the only thing I knew is, Im not alone, Im with my man, who protects and support me in this journey :)