Thank God its Friday, My fave day of the week, simply because its the end of work for the week. No more waking up at 3:30am (atleast for 2 days) to prepare hubby's breakfast. He goes to work at Cavite, so he must leave home at around 4:30am for the 5:00am service bus at Cubao pick-up station. No more waking up alone in bed (since hubby left much early). I miss waking up in the morning with him by my side :( Anyways, Tomorrow, will not be a relaxing day for us, we have tons of activities to do. Well, we have to bring the car to mang johnny to fix it, then find a technician that will fix our 21" tv that don't opened anymore since last night. Whats else, we will be visiting my MIL at paranaque. Hubby terribly misses his mom and 2 little cuddly and energetic nephews. Hubby loves kids, so we really prayed that God will give us our angel soon :) Ah...I almost forgot, after office I got to do the laundry tonight. being a wifey really is a very tough and tiring job but its the most enjoying for me. Well got to go back to work. Ta-tahhh