Things to do...

Its a Monday and Its the first week of the month. Its been a habit of mine to do some listing that I should do for the rest of the month. I scheduled things in order not to forget them. I wrote all this in my planner. Here are the things I got to do for the rest of the month:

1. Design a Cabinet for our kitchen (Dj been asking me to do this since June)
2. Have a Haircut
3. Buy a new book to read, maybe I'll try "Veronika decides to Die"
4. I'll start having a grocery list when doing grocery. Im avoiding to buy those things that aren't necessary for us.
5. Start taking Vitamins.
6. Avoiding sleeping late if not needed. (hope I can do this)
7. Register the Car (though Im not the one who'll bring it at LTO). Just need to remind hubby.
8. Try to prepare Embutido which the recipe is from my officemate.

This are few of the things I got to do/accomplish for this month. Hope I can do all of this.
Have a greet week everyone.