The 67th UAAP Championship

In the 67th UAAP basketball final games, the Green Archers won the crown last night. Too bad, my fellow Tamarraws' didn't won the championship (with a sad voice). Oh well that's life, sometimes you win sometimes you don't.

I missed the game last night. I cant skipped work and I didn't got the chance to watched it on TV (I think its was a live telecast).

If Im not mistakin' the first time I attended a game was in 1st year in college, attending the UAAP was very exciting and breathtaking. It's a must for freshmen student to watch the game and it serves as an attendance in our P.E class. The game I attended that time was a FEU vs. DLSU playoff. As a remember it was Abbarientos and Limpot who were very famous that time. I went home very proud and without a voice (for cheering so much for my team) that time because it was my school who won that game.

jennie, a lasalista, YM me earlier and told me that it's everybody's game last night, DLSU or the FEU team might win. She was sick since Tuesday and so she was able watched the game on TV. I also congratulate a friend (a lasalista too)thru yahoo ym. Funny she too was also sick yesterday and was able to watch the live telecast, hmmmm...What a coincidence.

Well, to all Green Archers congrats congrats......and see you on the 68th championship.

For the rest of the story about the game last night visit this

Btw, Happy weekend to all!!!