wish the vacation was extended....

I really had a good rest last weekend. I feel that I was rejuvenated and gain my strength from the things that I've been doing during the weekend.

1.Our inter-office bowling tournament had it's championship last Friday. We end up as the 1st runner up. Good thing I was in a team who plays really good in bowling. I really had fun during the game and the competition really made us closer to one another.

2.Still trying to complete my Christmas gift buying. Been doing this for a month already and I'm almost done. I enjoy wrapping gifts but hubby suggested to avail the free gift wrapping service the store offers. Nice idea huh, it not only saves time, it also saves money.

3.I and hubby went out last night. It wasn't the usual malling or clubbing. We went strolling at Riverbank Marikina. The place was awesome. I can't imagine that there is still a place where we can have fun but don't need to spend much money. I enjoyed eating fishball and the sago't gulaman. It brings back my childhood days where my parents usually brings us at Luneta or Manila Zoo during weekends. There's one Zoo I'm do want to visit and that's Avilon Zoo. Hopefully, we can visit the place before the year ends.

4.Since I was married and been very busy with my husby, I really don't have the chance to go bonding with my younger sister, and she was also busy with other things. J, my sister was always with her bestfriend M (that made me jealous sometimes). SO the other night, I called her over the phone and come to my place (she just live next door with my parents). I invited her to watch Nemo (her favorite) and had popcorn and soda. After the movie, we enjoy looking at our old photo albums and reminisce our childhood days. We laugh at each picture in the album. Each picture got it's stories to remember. Thank God for good memories ei:D

And now, it's back to reality again, busy busy busy with work. Ah oh, Nov. 29 is a holiday again, yipee!!!!