I cant sleep but I want too...

It's a busy week for me. Seems that tons of workloads are after me. Meetings, meetings lots of meetings are scheduled for the week. Phonecalls and lots of phonecalls are expected to bug me. The 8am-6pm work time will surely extend just to meet the deadlines OF our clients.

Oh...It really is hard to adjust. I've been married for a year now but still, adjusting with my work (which is too demanding)and my wifey world is not that easy. Now, Im here in front my pc at home, thinking...but nothing seems to come out. At this moment hubby is sleeping soundly and me, doing this report for tomorrow's meeting. Hayayay

I know Im familiar with this work. I've been doing this for ages. But seems that, my thinking is not functioning. My sense of understanding is somewhat lost. The only thing I know right now, I wanna sleep. I tried... A while ago, I disengage the switch of this pc and tried to have a shut-eye but my mind is not cooperating with my tired body. So I reboot my pc and start working again but hey, still got a problem. My brain is still not working. Can't think of anything for the meeting tomorrow. Thank God for the web. I'm relaxing a bit. Reading blogs (which I miss doing) of some fellow bloggers. I then realized that working and working is not healthy. After this deadline, I'll surely ask a break (a week long sana).

Hmmmm...I think I'm sleepy na awwwww...oh, It's February na pla. Lapit na birthday ko. wuahhh