Wait and Find

The other day, a college friend emailed me. I noticed a familiar name in her thread. It was JH. A classmate in college and a bosom friend. It's been 10 year since I last saw JH. So I emailed her, said my hello and asked about being married with D (also a classmate), they got married when we were at 2nd Year College

The next day, she replied. According to her, she is okay and happy and has 2 kids. But she and Mr. D was separated for 4 years already.

From there my heart moved. I knew they were inseparable during our college days. They we're so sweet and for me they are a perfect couple. I envied them during our college years. Yup, I am also involve in a relationship, but not as serious as what they have. After a couple of months of my relationship with my BF, we broke up. I did have a couple of relationship after that. I broke up again, cried and found somebody else, that's how love plays with me. Some of my friends believed that I could handle the painful part of the relationship, the breaking up. But the truth is, I'm hurting and my heart is crying. That's why I envied JH and D so much. How come they found the real love. How come I cannot find the right person.

After graduation, I haven't got any news about this couple. I've still been into some unsuccessful relationship but finally found my great love when I was 28. Got married when I was 29. So up to this moment, I'm very much happy with him.

From this, I've learned that God know the right timing, He knows who is the best for you. Just wait...

Happy Weekend to all!