Craving Again

spag Tried ko lang gumawa ng meatballs and spag and hubby love it D A half kilo of ground beef plus chopped ham, add a dashed of salt and pepper. sprinkled with a little flour. Mix mix well. Add 1 beaten egg. Now this is the fun part. With the use of your hands, grab a small part of the mixture and form into balls. It’s up to you what size of the meatball you want. Deep fry in low heat. Low heat para nde masunog at maluto cyempre yung loob ng meat balls D Now for the sauce. Madali lang…the basic. Saute garlic and onions. A pack on del monte italian sauce then add a bottle of UFC banana ketsup. Throw the sliced mushroom. Add the meatballs and simmer. Put a little salt and pepper. Then add the pasta mix well. Served topped with cubed cheese. I love my cheese bigger para mas feel ng tastebud ko. hehehe. O di ba madali lang D