Life is a box of

chocolate Gosh...natatakam ako sa kanila but at this moment Im staying away from this sweets. Eto naman ako. diet ever. Pero this time, Im trying to lessen my carbo intake. Effective as in. Im on my 2nd week na and loses 3lbs already. Imagine :D But again Im missing those chocolates, yummy burgers, pizza ang pasta...yummm yum... A friend of mine been saying na I really gain too much weight kaya heto learned to discipline my self na. Discipline in what food shall I eat and the amount of food that I should take. I dont skipped meal. It only makes me hungry. Right now, I dont drink C2 for the time being. Yes, I got addicted in drinking C2 but tell you, lalo akong tumaba. So now, I prepered refreshing my self with a glass of iced cold water or juices. I'm also exercising na rin. Imagine. Ang dating tamad eh heto at health buff na rin :D. Im all doing this because I wanted to live longer, mahirap na kaya ang mag kasakit. Also been asking hubby to lessen his weight too. He has a cute tummy kasi., he he he. Again for health reason this kasi. Oh well wish us luck :D By the way, this wordpress rocks :D