Great Things

Month ago I discovered a very addicting hobby, online shopping at Multiply. Uh ohhh....lumalabas na naman ang pagiging shapaholic ko :D. I have bought few accessories na rin from different seller. My latest purchase is from a very nice lady named badet. She's very accommodating talaga sa sobrang accomodating feeling ko tagal ko na cyang ka chikahan. Keep it up Badetskie :D kikayness I bought the boombox necklace and 2 pieces of prayer-in-a box charm bracelet. I'll give the other one to my dearest friend na mag celebrate ng birthday. I'll put a happy birthday message inside the box charm. Cute di ba :D pose but too shy to show the face This morning nga pla I went to the gym, I was giddy to wear the necklace and the bracelet for the first time. One of the fitness instructor said na she also loved my bracelet Im wearing. :D Speaking of gym, I weigh my self a while ago, malapit na!!! as in malapit ko na makuha ideal weight ko...yebah!!! Im so happy but the only problem is, my clothes are all big na so I got to buy new clothes ulet, clap!!!clap!!! shopping ulet ako. Nakikinita ko na face ni hubby hehehe. :D In other news... I'll be going to my new work this Wednesday. The American boss will arrive the country and wants to meet the new team (that includes me) and he will probably tell us when our starting date will be. Im so excited to be back in the work force again. It's been a month na rin kasi eh. I'll keep you guys updated.