10 recent things that made me happy

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Alpha tagged me with this. Again sis, Thank you.

10 Recent things that made me happy meme

1. Hubs commenting that I’m good in baking cupcakes already.

2. Dj teaches me to swim for the longest time, 3 weeks ago, I hit the pool and conquered my fear.

3. Bought 2 tops (yesterday) of the same style but differ in colors. The style is so cute that I can’t resist buying the other color.

4. My short hair. No need to blow dry. So the result, the hair is much healthier

5. My officemate asked me to accompany her at the salon because she wanted to have the same do

6. was able to make a delicious dinner (spicy squid and tofu) last monday night. Hubs so love it. He says it rocks!!!

7. I owned a new domain now…yes!!!!

8. Earn a few bucks in contributing an article in our office newspaper.

9. was able to baked yummy mocha cupcake and we’ll bring it later at my in-laws place

10. A good Saturday with hubby

Have a nice Saturday everyone

I’m tagging everyone who wanted to try this. Let's all be happy :)