Just want to share

Skipped work today. Why???

Aside from hubz being here, which is what I always love..staying home and spending time with him, either sleeping or eating banana que (our favorite), there's one more reason that made me hate to go to work today.

and what was it anyway????
well..lets put it this way...sometimes (or most of the time), employees don't really get what they want from the company. I mean the benefits, the salary increase...let's say not contented. I felt that I was getting too much rant from others that made me feel so tired feverishly and somehow affects my working habit. Therefore, I decided to take a day off from all it. anticipating tomorrow, positivity will cooperate with me.

I thought....
I am fortunate because I am contented on what I have. My salary is not that big but I am happy. I have the good friends at the office which made me lucky. I have good US bosses. Though I must admit, my Filipino bosses sometimes sucks. Nevertheless, that is a small percentage for me to complain about things.

so what now...
I'm not against of what the others did, they can do what ever action they want to let the company know what their complains are, just hoping that sooner, things will be settled between you guys. "sigh"