Summer Lovin'

Goodbye to all my dark colored tops (for the meantime) see you this coming rainy season.For now, I'll feel more comfortable wearing light colors. Since it's so hot, I preferred wearing tank tops, shirts, shorts and flipflops.

For this month, bought some stuffs for summer '08.

When I saw this top at Plain and Prints(the orange brown combination), I fell inlove with the color and the soft fabric. So I bought it and since I can't get enough, I bought the other color too, the blue and dark blue combi. :)

I boght the top from Kamiseta. I like this too. So girly and the color is so summery (para akong sapin sapin).

When going at the supermarket, this is what I wear usually. So comfortable. During this hot season the short and tank tops beat the heat .

and since it's summer, It won't be complete if I won't go swimming, either at the pool or at the beach, the swimsuit I got from freeway is my buddy. Since I can't wear two-piece (the tummy protrudes) this is what I bought. hahaha. Again I love anything of many colors.

So these yummies, makes me feel comfortable. (hmmmm...I don't have new flops, pala...I have to buy, i have to buy, hehehe)

and ofcourse drinking atleast 8 glasses of water helps a lot too. :)