Former Boss did well

Business is somewhat difficult when it comes to communication. Though English is the universal language that people all over the world uses still, it is more potential if communicating with the local language of the customer. My former boss has this client from India and though the client knew English my boss opted to submit his proposal with the client’s native language. Client got impress and awarded the project to him. From that on, my former company got more projects from India because of the good impression the client gave.

It was a good thing that boss uses a help from a translating company IAFL. I visited their site online and was impressed because, it has so many services to offer. They also gave pointers why it is much better to communicate with the clients' own language in making business. Could you believe, they accurately translate product manuals and other business documents in the best effective way to communicate with clients? That’s what my boss did, he let this guys translate his business documents then submit it to the client and end up having the project. Too bad, I resigned; I should be at India right now for that project. There are lots of great places to visit at India. Methinks If I re-apply, hehehe just kidding.

Anyway, it’s another weekend. Have a splendid 2 day rest. 