Okay..I know..I know I said I will stay away from buying stuffs in order to save for my DSLR dream but this evening after work, I found myself inside freeway and bought 4 tops. Bummer!!! Well...I could always start tommorrow. Tee-hee


mirage2g said...

=D Its hard not to is easier to buy lol....(take it from the pro impulse buyer lol)

caryn said...

ok lang yan. clothes are an investment naman diba? heehee ;-)

shengmarie said...

new dslr ba kamo, check out the latest from canon, an eos 450-d, very good buy. love it... bought it there in manila, you might want to contact the seller after trying out the reviews for that. check it out... canon eos 450d or canon kiss x2... and hey, of course, clothes are an investment... God bless.

jeanny said...

mirage,caryn & Sheng:

Thank you very much for the visit. :)