Will power

It's a tiring day for me not because of work but because of the traffic. It rain really hard today which made some street flooded and resulted to traffic. So I decided to go malling after work while waiting for hubz. I spotted a really good shirt and cutie flip flops. I was about to get my wallet to see if my plastic swipe is with me, then I suddenly remembered...I got to save, yeah I got to too. I’m gunning a semi-pro camera; it's not the dslr kind (I can't yet buy that type, too expensive). I'm keeping my fingers cross that I can resist the shopaholic spirit in me. :)

Anyway, our 5th year wedding will be coming this 24th of this month. Hmmm....we plan to go swimming. Guess it will be the last for summer '08 since its rainy season is starting. Oh well, rain or shine, I'm sure I'll have fun. Who wouldn't if you just learned swimming and conquer your fear right?