Cord Blood Awareness

My best friend Ris delivered her first baby a week ago. She’s so happy and excited with her little angel. She’s been telling me what her baby looks like, her wide round eyes, her red soft lips, and the nose; ah she is indeed lovely as I pictured her in my mind.

The only thing that bothers her is the idea of her baby becoming sick. She might freak out. Living alone with her baby away from home is very hard knowing that relatives and close friend aren’t physically there to help. So she considered of her baby’s future and the lifetime prospect of banking the Umbilical Cord Blood at Cryo-Cell

To make it simpler, cord blood banking is the assemblage and storage of the stem cells found in your newborn's umbilical cord.

Based on the research she did, Treating disease with Stem Cells saves thousand of lives as it cure over 70 life-threatening diseases. Such as leukemia, lymphomas and cancer. So when you bank your baby’s cord blood, you are making a choice that could potentially provide a lifesaving treatment for your child or a family member.

Cord blood or the umbilical cord blood, is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and placenta upon giving birth. This blood was usually thrown away until in one research, it was found out that this blood is a rich source of stem cell which is now being use as a substitute for bone marrow in countless number of success transplant operation. Thus the value of cord blood saves lives of many people

I am proud with my friend Ris for this great decision. For sure her baby will appreciate it when she grows up. :)