So can you see the Tilapia? If not look closer lolz.

Craving for sweet and sour tilapia since yesterday. This weekend, I 'll try to cook this. Hubz likes eating fish dishes but sad to say, I only knew less than ten recipes. Because I do not eat fish that much. Hence, I only like tilapia, Milk fish, Mackarel scad (also know as galunggong), tuna, gindara to name a few. So you could just imagine how hubz misses eating paksiw or pinangat. But sometimes, I cook such dishes for him and open a can of sardines for me. So that settles. hahaha.

Oh well. I am just lucky that hubz doesn't complain about it. ;)

Hmmm...are you like me or are you like hubz?

Have a great day by the way!


the husband (Rico) said...

I love eating fish and seafood (esp shrimps and crabs). I'd choose it over meat any day. We recently received creamy dory fish. Check out for the recipe. It was delicious! And simple!

ayen said...

Just the other day, I ate sarciadong tilapia (the dish cooked with tomatoes and egg) yum! yum! Good luck on your cooking! :)

Rachel said...

wow ginutom naman ako sa post mo ahehe mukhang masarap ah. i love seafoods talaga kasi mas marami nyan dito sa amin. try mo magsearch ng mga recipe online marami naman nyan sa net.

Gracie said...

Yummm...that looks good!

Oh by the way, I've added both your links into mine, Jeanny! And thanks for the vote of confidence on my new project.