Update and Learn the Cisco Way

Everybody knows how potential Cisco System is but not all knew what are their advances and achievements. Well, Cisco is a large known company that provides many of the known devices used in computer networking. Aside from that they do to have programs or educational system that will give each one a competitive advantage in the Information Technology field.

Like what happen in my husband's office. The company management is laying off some IT professions and those with Cisco certification will be retained. This certification is an extensive training program for IT profession making them more competitive. Hence, this certification giving them the edge in the IT career. No wonder many successes Cisco certified holders are offered with high paying jobs here and outside the country thus making them happier and contented in their own job.

So I asked my husband if he has plans get a cisco certification. He said he has soon. He believed that it is very important to anyone related with IT field the advancement through training like what Cisco offers. Like in his situation as an employee in one of the biggest semiconductor company in the country, it will be a great move if he too will upgrade his knowledge and skills through Cisco as it will make him even more competitive in his job. We can never tell if sooner the management might cut off some employees in their level.

To those who wants to have the advancement, it's never to late to start. Have a Cisco Certification now.

So there…be updated or be outdated!

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Rachel said...

im an IT grad and we have cisco class but hindi ako nagtake ng cisco certification, di pa kaya ng powers ko ahehe

Jeanny said...

Hi thanks for the visit ;)

sheng said...

Hi, my husband once had the chance to attend a Cisco seminar, I am not sure thought if he has the Certificate, but he sure is a geek,