On Health

One day at work when I was at the pantry and filling my glass with lemonade an officemate asked me if that brand I am taking is safe. Of course I said. read the label hahaha!

People went nuts with the news about the imported milk containing melamine. I really can't blame them, I do too am careful in picking the food products I bought at the supermarket. It would be of great help to read the label first to know where it came from and the expiry date. In my case, I also read the calories I get from that product, I am a calorie freak hahaha!!!!

Without that foreign country exporting their products, our local milk producers will have more opportunities though I must admit, some of the well know products' prices are way expensive compared with other imported brands!

Okay I am kinda sleepy now, I'll hit the sack!

Everyone stay healthy and don't forget to drink your malamine free milk from a good label :)