The Egg Story

How would you like your eggs?

I love mine scrambled with milk. Adding liquid to the eggs makes it less likely to turn out tough or rubbery. So every weekend, scrambled eggs is a must for breakfast.
What if your eggs are like this:

organic eggs

We went home with half dozen of Vitamin E Enriched and half dozen Selenium Enriched eggs. Bought them a bit pricey than the conventional produced eggs. The seller, gave leaflets about the health benefits of eating this kind. So maybe thats the reason why this eggs are a bit pricey :)

Anyway, one Saturday morning, I used 3 organic eggs for breakfast and noticed that the yolks are golden and pretty. The seller was right. But when it was cook, it has an odd taste that I didn't like at all. Guess, I'm not used with it's taste. So hubz just finish the whole serving. From there, I concluded (base on own opinion), the eggs won't be good for scramble purposes. Husband then suggested boiled eggs instead.

Few days from that I tried the boiling and yeah he was right,the odd taste was not that obvious, so that fine Sunday morning, he alone had organic boiled eggs for breakfast. :)

Hence, it's really hard to be a health buff...sigh!

Sidenotes: I tried organic pasta and sunflower mayo, it taste different and it's pricey too. It took me days to finish the cooked pasta and months before I emptied the mayo bottle.

Have you tried organic food. What's the experience, did you like it?

Have a healthy Friday!


Gracie said...

My mother is all about organic foods, including eggs of course. I haven't tried any, they're way too pricey for me, although they say it really is a much better/healthier choice.

Rico said...

We've been trying to go organic for a while now, around 4 months I guess. We go as far as going to Tagaytay and Salcedo Market for their organic produce. A good friend has a farm in Batangas and gives us a lot of organic veggies and bananas as well.
We even use organic soaps and shampoos from Ilog Maria!

Rachel said...

parang kakaiba yang eggs na yan ah with vits pa. mahanap nga yan. thanks for sharing ate!

Toni said...

I haven't tried organic yet because they're pricey! I should though, for maximum health goodness.

karen said...

hi jeanny! added you 2 blogs in my 2 blogs... hehehe

pa-add din naman po thanks!

caryn said...

hahaha! i have tried organic food once or twice when i had to dine with ecologically-aware people. but sheesh, they're expensive! hahaha! then again, you're supporting ethical trade so go!!! hahaha!