The Chicharon

My mom went to Nueva Ecija the other day and what did you know, she bough bunch of this...


Oh boy...I am on a diet albeit this pork crackling is as well as good to pass up. I ate few pieces...five small pieces, hubs on the other hand got some more pieces and ate it along with rice and the sauteed vegetable we had for dinner that night. It was good he exclaimed. Chicharon is a real favorite, with a good vinegar for dipping, I could finish the whole pack but I have to watch it. I don't want to add more pounds.

The pack of chicharon is still more than half filled at this moment. I still don't know when will I bite some pieces again. I could ask mom to cook sauteed munggo and replace the pork with this. Yummm!!!

If you have this pack of chicharon, what will you do with it?