Pasta cooking made much easy

Angelhair Pasta with Tuna in Red Sauce

An easy and quick Pasta recipe. Glad there's this del monte tomato and cheese spag sauce. I love it's blend. It has the sour taste of tomato and the perfect flavor of cheese. :)

Okay enough said, del monte's not paying me here harhar!

So here’s what I did;

1.Cook pasta (500 grams) according to pack directions. Drain and set aside. I used angelhair pasta. It cooks in 3-4 minutes only.
2. In a pan saute onion then garlic, add the 2 cans of tuna (I used tuna in oil)drained and set aside.
3. Add a can of drained sliced mushroom (or olives)
4. Mix mix mix then set aside
5. In a saucepan, melt butter; add flour and cook on medium-low heat for 2 minutes, stirring constantly
6. Add the spaghetti sauce (I used delmonte tomato and cheese) and simmer
7. Then slide in the sauted tuna and mushroom.
8. Add chili pepper for some spice (optional)
9. Topped your cooked pasta with the red sapg sauce and sprinkle some grated cheese.

Easy Peasy right? :)