Dr. Oetker Shaker

I love muffins and cupcakes and I love baking my own but because of my hectic schedule at work I do not have the time to bake lately. Now there is an easy way of making my favorite cupcakes and muffins minus the fuss. Dr. Oetker have came up with a fantastic product called Shaker.All it takes it to add milk or water, shake, shake, shake, and pour. Then, it is on to the baking oven. There are numerous flavors and cake types to select from, such as blueberry muffins, chocolate cup cakes, buttermilk pancakes, and more. Another good thing about the product, it contains zero trans fat, and has the fiber and prebiotics to aid in digestion. Thus will make your bake goodies healthier.

I very much admire the concept behind this product and will order it myself. The shaker allows for a swift and easy way to bake, and as a busy person, I am sure it can help me. Currently there is a awesome contest on the site where you can enter every day for your chance to win a $1,200 visa cash Card for your next family fun weekend. So head over to the site and check out this luscious product.