Skinless Longanisa

I posted in my other blog that I love eating longanisa. The only thing that bothers me is the amount of salt it contains plus the preservative it has. So the fix.....
Tada!!!! I made my own skinless Longanisa. It's easy you just have to mix everything lang!!! :)

To do this you need:

Half Kilo Pork
1/4 cup brown sugar
3tbsp crushed garlic
3tbsp of vinegar
5 tbsp worstershire sauce
1 beaten egg
salt and pepper


Just mix everything in a bowl (I used my hands). Then get a small amount of the mixture, fry it to know if it need adjusting in it's taste. I want a garlicky, peppery and a little sour longanisa so I add more garlic, pepper and vinegar. Then when everything is mix form into log and refrigirate.

Fry in a little hot oil.

Serve with fried rice and sunny side-up egg. Dont forget the vinegar with garlic. Hmmm!!!