Chicken Inasal

To prepare this you'll just need

1 kilo chicken, thigh or leg part
for the marinade
2 thumbsized ginger, minced
1 tbsp. fish sauce
4 stalks lemongrass, chopped
1 tsp fresh coarse ground black pepper
1/4 cup calamsi juice
1/4 cup vinegar/
for achuete oil you'll need:
1/4 cup achuete (annato seed)
butter (I used magnolia lite)

So what I did, I mix all the marinade ingredients and marinate the chix about an hour or much better if you'll marinate it overnight.
For the baste... in a saucepan heat the butter (you can use cooking oil instead of butter) then put the achuete and heat for a minute, it’s ready when the oil turns orangey.
when grilling the chicken just baste it with the achuete oil once in a while until the chicken part are done :D
There..thats so easy right.
Tips on grilling:
Avoid using gas for grilling...the fume of the gas somehow effect the taste of the dish. You can use your gas stove. Put the grill wire-rack and the charcoal on stove. Heat the charcoal until they became red hot then transfer at the griller. :D