Adobo Flakes

And because I wanted to feed the husband with something new, I decided to make adobo flakes. We dont have left over adobo so I cooked it first before making the flakes. It's my first time and I must say that I maybe making this more often.

For this you'll need

1k pork kasim or chicken (I used pork)
1/4 cup vinegar (I used cane vinegar)
1/2 cup soysauce
lots of garlic crushed
bay leaf
freshly cracked black pepper

then in a pot, just throw everything wait until the meat gets tender. Do taste it to make sure that it's flavor is just enough.

Then when the meat is done, let it cool and shred it by hand.

Then get 1/4 cup of the adobo sauce (and the adobo oil too) and heat it in a pan and boil the meat flakes. Stir and wait until the sauce evaporates. Continue adding the sauce 4 times or so until the you get this crispy/chewy texture.

Perfect with fried rice or palaman sa pandesal.