Seafood Paella


Cooking a paella requires high heat for sauteing and then moderate to low heat for simmering. While this sounds easy, it takes a bit of practice to master.

I've learned that...
When making paella the most common mistake is to cook it with too much heat that will end up with undercooked rice. So what to do, add a cup of water or broth and must lower the heat to cook the rice.

Another mistake is too much adding of broth that will end up in a soupy paella. To fix this,  increasing the heat just long enough to boil off the excess water will help though  too much heat will burn the rice. What also works is to remove the excess broth with a large spoon. 

.It was my 3rd time to cook paella and I may say, somehow my paella cooking is much better,  yummier and less messy on the preparation hahaha.

Want to try making paella you can grab the recipe  here .

Happy Foodie Friday!


maiylah said...

yummy! i love paella, specially when you use squid ink. though it does wreck havoc when you eat it and smile. lol.

will check out the recipe. :)

thanks, Jhen!

kg said...

i want to try this! yummy!

Luna Miranda said...

i always cook the malagkit separately--cook it in shrimp broth and turmeric. takot ako isabay sa seafood ingerdients:p

Arlene said...

I love paella!

The last time i had this was in Paradise Island in Davao and funny thing all the shrimps were eaten by my dear bf and he left all the rice and some meat to me. :D

Maybe will try to learn cooking this one day.

upto6only said...

naks naman galing galing. pahingi

docgelo said...

ako din, pahingi nitong seafood paella mo! hehe... peborit ito, sobra! it stands out sans ulam!

Fine Life Folk said...

i did not know that it is this hard to produce one. work of art pala kung ganun. to think na di ko s'ya nagustuhan when i ordered one sa mall two years ago. pero i respect this dish so much for the tradition it represents.