Food Friday: My Favorite Chicken

Quarter chicken, java rice, steamed vegetable and corn muffin,  is my favorite meal combo whenever we eat at Kenny rogers. Actually sa kenny rogers (maliban sa max's) ako madalas kumain ng chicken. I always prefer  roasted/ grilled than fried. Well trying to be health conscious kasi :)

kagutom yung pic noh?

Happy Food Friday everyone!


kayni said...

i'm hungry. i've never had kenny rogers, but i do love max's chicken.

maiylah said...

yup, nakakagutom! gustong-gusto ko rin dyan ung corn muffin nila.

...matagal na rin since we've eaten at Kenny Rogers. One of these days kain ulit kami dun.

thanks for playing again, Jhen! :)

kg said...

K-F-C! he he!

and i love serye's barbeque chicken!

julie said...

We love Kenny Roger's!

Happy Friday! :)

Luna Miranda said...

between Kenny Rogers and Max's, i'd go for Max's anytime.:p

but i like Kenny Rogers side dishes and muffin.:p

sheng said...

Che! Galit na ako! Galit na galit na ako. Wala na ba kayong maiba-blog kundi pagkain? Lahat ng nadaanan ko puro pagkain. huhuhu, nagugutom na tuloy ako. Hahaha. true, maaga pa, pero puro pagkain na nakikita ko, ano baaaa! Ni hindi pa nga ako nakapagluto ng ulam.

charmie said...

wow, ang sarap nito.. kakagutom hehehe..Thanks pala sa comment sis. Have a nice day:)

Josh said...

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docgelo said...

honestly, when kenny roger's roasted chicken stores were new in town, i craved for it almost daily. but recently it has lost its appeal on me. why? they cut largely on the servings now compared to what's on my plate when i order before. nonetheless, yummy! i like not only their chicken but potato salad, mac n cheese, young corn, cheese n mushroom, mashed potato+gravy side dishes. *craving!*