Boiled Eggs anyone?

I love hard boiled eggs. The only thing is I do sometime experience difficulties in cooking it. Here's are some tips and tricks in cooking hard boiled eggs, that my friend thought me.

Place raw egg in saucepan.

Run cold water into the saucepan until the water is 1 inch above the egg.

Place pot on stove and cook over medium heat until it boils

Boil for 2-3 minutes for soft boiled eggs, 10-15 minutes for hard boiled.

When cook, drain the hot water and replace with cold water. Add some ice cubes to the water.

When peeling the boiled eggs..
You may want run the eggs under cool while doing that. This often helps separate it from the shell easier.

So there you go...perfect boiled eggs :)

Happy Food Friday


kayni said...

i love to eat boiled eggs with a little bit of salt and pepper :). happy friday.

kg said...

he he! i'm not fond of boiled eggs...mas gusto ko omelet or sunny side up! :)

happy friday jeanny!

sheng said...

I love hard boiled eggs, contrary to KG, i am not fond of sunny side up.

docgelo said...

i like hard boiled eggs cut into cubes, embedded in mayonnaise, salt, sugar and pepper! et voila, my egg sandwich recipe. =) happy weekend jeanny. =)

upto6only said...

hehehe i love white hard boiled egg :p i always remove the yolk and just eat the white part.

maiylah said...

love that with rice and tuyo! ;)

Gizelle said...

picadillo with boiled egg! :) i see to it my kids have one boiled egg in a week...

Girlie said...

perfect for breakfast!

julie said...

Fave namin yan for sandwiches and just munching :)

I read somewhere that a little bit of vinegar in the water will help so the eggs don't crack when these are boiling, kaya ganun ang gawa ko.