The other day, the husband and I were wandering around the supermarket when I saw this familiar photo printed on a piece of foil package. I look closely...then I saw the English character saying...Kimchi Ramen. Yay, it's my favorite, just perfect! It may not be the fresh one but this will do. :)
A hour later, us at home;
I cannot let go of the idea of enjoying the I followed my heart! :)
I read the back label or should I say, followed the picture for instruction.
As I interpret the photo It says.... boil water for some minutes, pop the noodle and stir. Simmer. Remove from heat then add the seasoning. Mix mix mix. Place noodles into bowl . Grab a chopstick and enjoyed! See I can read korean instructions. :) Well...I put more water though! hahaha
It's good compared to some other instant noodles. :)
Then the next day, after the workshop, asked hubz to have a dinner near our place. There was this restaurant that I thought was japanese but was a korean restaurant...woooohhh!
and this was the real thing!
It made me a happy being again! :)
You think we just had Kimchi way, bitin yan. Here's the rest of the food we had