As greater it was...

If last weekend was a great weekend, My weekend was even more greater.

Saturday ,
Had tuyo, fried eggs and fried rice for breakfast. Did some little cleaning. Dj then decided, that we do some shopping. Oh well, we went to SM Manila and bought a t-shirt for me and 2 shirts for Dj(daya). Then, had lunch at "Bacolod Chicken". Yummy...I love grilled chicken. (Hmmm...Does anyone here knows how to make this kind of grilled chicken). After finishing our sumptuous lunch, we did our grocery. I love going to supermarkets. We bought, everything that we need. I had my very reliable list that I always do everytime we do our groceries. Went home late but manage to watch Harry potter 2. I've watched it more than 3 times already. I really love Daniel Radcliffe. Cant wait to have a copy of Harry Potter 3 & 4 to complete my collection.

. Dj and I enjoyed our Sunday together, Listening to good music, watching TV, and some hugging and kissing. I wont trade anything else when Im with Him. :)

Have a great week everyone!!!