Five Details...

Been very busy at work lately but manage to blog anyway. Below are some details of what I think, what I've been doing lately and what are the things I mostly like. This might not be the completeness of my identity but atleast its part of that completeness.

Five details about you...
1. I love to surf the net
2. Sleeping is my favorite pass time
3. Im into dieting right now
4. and Dunno how to drive
5. There are two stuff toys that I love most, blinky and sleepy (both are dogs)

Five details about your appearance right now...
1. Im wearing a red blouse
2. I've tied my hair using a black band
3. Wearing a brown slip-on
4. Im wearing a denim pants
5. Cannot forgot my engagement & wedding

Five things you did yesterday...
1. woke up 3:45am to prepare Dj's early morning breakfast. (I always do this from monday to friday)
2. Went to rustan to buy Palm corned beef (my fave)
3. Watched a dvd (Freaky Friday)
4. Finish reading "The ALchemist" ("twas a great book)
5. Cooked sinigang for dinner

Five memorable things you did in the last year...
1. I got married
2. Learned how to cook rice
3. Learned how to cook sinigang & Kare-kare
4. have my first ever papsmear
5. Spent Christmas at my in-laws place

Five favorite groups/musical artists...
1. Gary V.
2. Evanesence
3. Usher
4. regine V.
5. Darlene Zcheck

Five favorite movies...
1. Finding Nemo
2. Harry Potter (All three)
3. My Best Friend's Wedding
4. Ghost
5. Freaky Friday

Five things that make you happy...
1. A good Book
2. If I learrn how to drive
3. A good movie
4. New Cd of my fave artist
5. Just sitting beside hubby watching a dvd with popcorn

Five things you cant live without...
1. Dj (ofcourse)
2. My family
3. My Cellphone
4. My wedding ring
5. And ofcourse "The Internet"

Five things you'll do when you complete this...
1. Text Hubby
2. Eat my sandwhich
3. Go to the cubicle next to me, to ask a work related question
4. drink coffee
5. Start working again