A great weekend

Last Saturday, Dj and I was about to see a play at 7pm, but before that, we brought our car in an auto shop to do some fixing. After a few minutes of watching, I got bored with what the mechanic is doing, so I rush at the booktore across the street, leaving Dj at the auto shop. I really dont have anything in mind on what to buy. Im just looking for anything as in anything that I can buy. A paperclip, a scissor or a nice parchment paper perhaps. Then my feet brought me at the book section. I remeber toni's suggestion, a Paulo Coelho Bestseller, The Alchemist. But there are two questions that botheres me, will I or will not buy the book. I'm afraid that, I might not have enough time in reading it. Im afraid that, it will be in a shelf and let the dust be its companion. This is the reason why I stop buying good books before. I was really busy with work. I was busy with other things. I forgot that reading was my first love next to drawing. Reading was my companion during the times I was lonely at my room. Its not yet too late, isnt it? I can still start all over again, and buy good books, where I can learn things in life. Anyway, I decided to buy the book. Its a good book. Im not yet finish with it but, Im learning good thoughts from the writer.

Dj was so happy knowing that Im into reading and planning to buy some more books, He promised to buy a nice shelf once I have those good books I want. :D

Anyway, About the play. It was a nice play. The play was entitled "Unang Corinto" (1 Corinthian). A story about a church and the personal problems that each member encounters. The story entails that, wherever you are, whatever is your status in life, everybody commit mistakes, everybody has his own problem to face. People from all walks of life has his ups and down, the only One that people can depend on is Trusting God and asking forgiveness.

I had a very relaxing weekend. I got a nice book and seen a play. We had a nice dinner too. A sizzling blue marlin, prepared by Dj. Aint it sweet...