music and i

This morning in bed, I couldnt harldy move a muscle. I want to sleep all day but wait, I have a submission to make at work. Sheesh, its so nice to just lay down and have more time to sleep. Anyway, with all my might I hurriedly jump from bed and turned on the radio. Its playing one of my fave music, a RnB song. While listening, i notice, bit by bit, Im changing my mood and singing as well. There must be a magical spell in a song. A spell that turn my whole being into its proper place. Being a music lover that I am, I have tons of music collection at my parents place when I was single. I still want to buy cds to update my collections but dont have yet the time, and our place is small, dunno where will i store those cds I want to buy.  The only frustration that I have is, I cannot play any instrument. Good thing Dj knows how to play the guitar, with a music magazine and a guitar, all is set for us.

This remind me, I promise Dj to buy a guitar for his birthday (though its next year pa). I better start saving some money or else i might end up in a ukelele.

Happy Weekend Everyone