Im goin' home, leavin' the office and makin' dinner...

At Work

IM still at work. I decided to write something here before I go home. My feeling now is so high. I feel the annoyance with my boss. He is so rude. After doing everything to finish my deadline today, he don't appreciated me. Yeah I admit, Im late for my submittal but man, what do he thinks of me, superwoman. He instructed me to do this and that, while doodling on my paper. Shucks how can i understand his drawing if he don't write neatly and his mind changes, he has lots of ideas. That's why I always do revisions. For today, I had had 5 revision on the same project.I hate him only consolation is, IM being paid for it.

IM Home

Well after the tiring at work. IM finally home. My security place, a place where no one can boss around. In my home, IM the boss (secondly to dj ofcourse). I just finish making dinner. We have steaming rice and tokwa't (bean curd) baboy for our main dish. I just deep fry the pork and tokwa till brown. Cut into small cubes. Then chopped onions(more onions for a superb taste). Add calamansi juice (about 15 pieces for a quarter kilo of pork), soy sauce & chili powder. Just mix everything. Then its done. Hmmm..In a couple of while, dj will be arriving, so got to fix the table.

By the way, the tokwa't baboy is much tastier if spicy. :)