A birthday to remember...

Yesterday was the birthday of Dj'd father...

While we were on our way to his parent house, Dj was telling lots of stuff about his father. That he is a strict father, a hard working tatay and a very loving one. He taugh his kids the value of money, respect to oneself and respect to others. He taugh all his kids the value of life and how to survive during hard times.

During their childhood days, their parents lose their jobs and cant find any at all, so what his father did, he tried selling balut. The balut selling was a big hit. His dad earn enough money to send them to good schools till college. So in return, Dj and his two sisters studied very hard. They graduated with flying colors. Now, they have good jobs and their life is much comfier than before.

Anyway, when we arrived at their house, everyone in his family was so excited. His mom prepared some food so we can go eat it in the park,a picnic celebration as what J, my sister-in-law described it and told her kids to greet their grandpa a happy bday later on.

At about 4:30 in the afternoon we were at the park. We lay our handy banig (native mat) on the grass and prepare everything, a few inch away from our area was a stone, a stone where a person's alpha and omega is written, a stone where his dad's name was written. Its been three years now since his dad passed away. I and Dj were married for a year and a half and known each other for two years. Too bad, I wasn't able to meet and thank the guy behind the wonderful husband that I have. It's not that I want to meet him now, I might faint if that happen.

Oh well, I know wherever his dad is right now, he is very happy with his kids for they grew up as responsible adults.